An Anti Social Media Digest for the Digitally Stressed

Every Slow Down digest contains four sections. You can choose which ones you want to include in your email, and you'll also receive an appendix containing the original tweets and photos from everyone you’ve subscribed to using Slow Down.

  • Remixing the Stream

    Mashups of your friends' Instagram photos with different friends' tweets.

  • Zen Twitter

    Haikus, randomly generated from your friends' tweets.

    observer, you are
    indistinguishable from
    the people you are1

    everything you do
    is in a nightmarish state
    of total failure1

    we know who the real
    winner is.1 Wondering when
    the wind will settle2

  • Social Podcasts

    Audio transcriptions of your friends' tweets and Instagram captions.

  • Digital Voyeurism

    A random selection of public Instagram photos, taken near wherever you were when you signed up for Slow Down.

If you have accounts for both, it doesn't matter which one you choose; you'll be able to connect to the other one while signing up.